It’s Okay…

It’s okay to be a lil’ selfish sometimes because at the end of the day, no one is going to care more about you than YOU.! No matter if it’s family, S.O, or friends the only person who will put you first is YOU. The sooner you learn that lesson the better off you’ll be…unfortunately it’s human nature — to take all what someone is willing to give you, no matter if they have no more left. Most of us never concern ourselves with how the other person is doing, how their feeling, or if they need a break. Just think of it as a parasite attaching itself to a host and drains the life source from it. Yes, it needs the life source to survive…but…it continuously feeds irregardless.

It’s okay to be a lil’ selfish and focus on yourself for once. Praying, meditating, and self-loving are some ways to do just that. Accepting every part of yourself (flaws & all) makes it difficult for others to “guilt trip” you when taking out time for yourself. Regardless whether you’re a father/mother, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, even single male/female…take that time out.!

Me, personally, I love to get my hair laid…nail & toes done…ending with a bubble bath sipping Moscato — but however you divvy the “me-time” is all up to you.!

Why Do the Good 1s Finish Last.?

Everyone knows the phrase, “Good guys/girls finish last” and I’ve wondered why that is.?! Is it because that person seems too good to be true.? –Because you haven’t taken the time out to settle your insecurities.? Or heal from previous hurtful wounds.? –Many times I have witnessed males/females expecting their significant other (S.O) to lie, abuse, trap, and cheat on them.! Yet all the while you’re waiting on their demise…you leave the S.O feeling alone, defeated, and unappreciated.
Also, I’ve learned that open and honest communication is virtually nonexistent. Everyone won’t put everything on the table and allow the S.O to decide whether they can accept the terms & conditions given. I, personally, am not big on communication HOWEVER I have adopted the “talk to me” mentality. In any healthy relationship it is essential in order to be successful. *singing* “Back to lllliiifffffeeee, back to reeeaallliittttyyy.!”
So why is it that the good ones are left holding the bag of emotions after a tumultuous relationship.? Left to bear the brunt of being hurt continuously time and time again.? Vowing to be single until God sends us our equal.? I truly believe that all of us are the good guys/girls just some of us don’t allow what others do to us, change us. We don’t make the next one pay for the last one’s mistakes. We date with a purpose and love with every ounce of our being. We are strong minded and won’t allow anyone/thing to defeat us from our goals. We control the things we can and let the things we can’t just remain.
In closing, I want to challenge you to become and remain “good guys/girls” no matter what. Be honest with yourself & others. Live by the Golden Rule. Love like there’s no tomorrow.


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